A Guide To The Best USB Charging Stations: 2022

By James Betts 

With the increasing number of devices we all use, for both personal and professional purposes, it can be frustrating to keep multiple devices charged and stored to meet our demanding needs. All too often the ‘battery low’ reminder pops up, wires are tangled across desks and floors, and there’s a scramble for the plug socket.

Well fear not, as technology and devices evolve, our way of charging is too. Whilst there are many different USB charging stations on the market, often proving difficult to understand, they do offer a practical solution to charge multiple devices efficiently.

What is a USB charging station?

USB charging stations have been designed to assist charging multiple devices at the same time, therefore limiting the need to just one power outlet. So, if you’re looking for a way to charge different devices at the same time, in a neat and effective way, a USB charging station would be a sensible investment.

There are some fantastic USB charging stations available to suit a variety of different needs, read on to find out more about understanding your needs and picking the best USB charging station for you.

Are USB charging stations safe?

USB charging stations that have been certified are safe to use, however you should correctly adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure safety at all times. Unfortunately, there are charging stations, often cheap, which are available online that don’t meet regulations and present risks.

Alongside potential safety and fire hazard risks, cheaper charging stations can potentially damage the battery, and therefore your device, if it is delivering lower or excess voltage. We’d advise you to research any product, manufacturer and supplier before purchasing to avoid this.

It’s also commonly thought that public USB charging stations aren’t safe, but the solutions themselves are perfectly safe and extremely convenient to use. Uncertainty has arisen from unfortunate scenarios that USB ports have been illegally compromised, causing data breaches.

A very simple and effective solution for any kind of cyber security issue regarding your devices is to ensure you have antivirus software installed, this should detect any risks and provide a barrier to any scammers. No data is legally extracted from public USB charging stations in charging mode.

Things to consider when buying a USB charging station

As we increase our dependence and use of devices, with laptops, smartphones, tablets, smartwatches etc, there’s an increasing option of USB charging devices and stations available. Each offers different features, design and suitability, so it’s important to consider what’s important for you.

So, how do you choose the best USB charging station? Well, here are some key things to ask yourself…

1. How many devices do you want/need to charge?

Whilst USB charging stations are designed to charge multiple devices, they do offer a range in the amounts of ports. How many ports you need depends on the number of devices you’ll need to charge at the same time.

It’s also worth noting that whilst you may think you only need 4 ports now, you may need a few more in the near future, so do think wisely about this and compare costs accordingly. It’s important you try to future proof any investment as much as possible, and think about your device usage moving forward.

2. Are they different devices?

Similar to what we mentioned above, USB charging stations do support multiple devices however, different devices often require different amounts of power. Charging station outputs are typically available as 1A, 2.1A, 2.4A, 5A and even 48A.

3. Do you need to charge them at the same time?

Sleek and tidy design can go a long way in supporting charging multiple devices. As highlighted, common frustrations are plugs and wires trailing across areas causing potential hazards alongside being an eyesore. If you do need to charge devices at the same time, consider how the USB charging station can facilitate your devices collectively.

4. Do you also need to store the device/s?

To expand on the above point, many USB charging stations offer more than a charge. Many people utilise them as a way to safely and/or neatly store multiple devices.

5. Is it important for you to consider the speed of charging?

If the speed of charge is important to you, make sure your charging station provides the specific power you need for your devices. Typically, choosing a high output port will be of benefit however, at the least ensure it’s above the optimum current.

Many USB charging stations also offer the ability to support the ‘quick charge’ feature of android devices, so this is also worth keeping in mind.

Wireless charging is not commonly the best option for quick charging. Cable charging supports speed and longevity of battery life more effectively. So if you need a quick solution, or are happy to charge overnight, consider your options.

What’s the best USB charging station?

Ultimately, the best charging station depends on your needs. Each USB charging station offers different features you should consider, as mentioned above. Below, we’ve highlighted a wide range of USB charging stations, aimed at the best to suit both individual and business needs.

So, whatever options you’re looking for, we have the best USB charging station for you to buy…

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