Technology Can Support The Hospitality Industry To Safely Re-Open

By James Betts 

With ongoing discussions around the dates, and strategies to safely reopen pubs, bars, restaurants and the wider hospitality industry, the only thing that’s clear is that technology will be fundamental to the adoption of what is going to be a ‘new normal’. We have already witnessed takeaways, restaurants and bars shift their businesses to become digitally centric in order to survive. Offering takeaway or delivery services to secure revenue through what is, and is likely to remain, a difficult time for the industry. So what measures can be taken to overcome these challenges? To provide safe and clean environments for customers and staff amid the pandemic.

From washing hands, maintaining some form of social distancing, wearing protective equipment and utilising outdoor space, the industry can provide a good level of hygiene. However, with the increasing advances in technology, and easy access to implement innovative solutions the industry can go a step further to regain the experience we are all longing for, safely.

Whilst some within the industry had previously taken advantage of latest technologies, others must also keep an open mind to support the shift to less face-to-face interaction. They have never been more important to support the crucial steps in re-opening businesses and the country’s economy.

We’ve highlighted the top three areas technology can support this transformation of how we indulge in food and drink.


Whether the experience is via a drive through, outside area or within the business premises, customers need to have quick and easy access to the menu in order to make a swift decision. As businesses do begin to reopen, perhaps at a reduced capacity than normal, it’s likely menu options are somewhat refined to support speed and efficiency of operations. If this is so, technology can support the initial point of sale, informing customers of any changes, new measures or even discounts or warm messages. Typical print menus are also a huge hygiene risk, with many people handling them throughout their life. To prevent this a shift is required towards disposable menus, however simply printing more and throwing them away is not cost effective, nor good for the environment. Digital solutions, such as mounted ipads or tablets can support this, with regular cleaning as per tables and other furniture processes. Alongside the benefits of hygiene, digital menus can support businesses to easily make changes to the menu, providing flexibility and reducing print costs.

Accessories to support this transition include;

Dual tablet standi

Pad wall mounti

Pad swivel stand

Placing an order

In addition to the above, tablets and devices can also help to streamline the ordering process, to minimise the need of staff interaction. This also allows staff to be re-positioned in other areas of the business, whether that’s supporting in the kitchen or assisting with marketing campaigns.

Products to support this include;

iPad Vesa Mount

iPad Flex Stand, Single Screen


Contactless payments are quickly becoming the norm, with the limit increased to support the reduction of handling cash. Streamlining the payment process to provide a new digital experience customers now demand. The below product is an invaluable accessory to neatly present payment devices.

Prop stand for payment devicesIn order to have access to this level of technology, devices such as iPads, or other tablets will be pivotal. With any investment into devices of this kind, it’s also important to consider the accessories and other equipment required to support their working order and longevity. Products to support the longevity of devices

Having a convenient way to access, store, charge and protect with robust product solutions will maximise functionality and support the lifetime of any device. Our wide range of products offer an innovative approach to protect your assets against damage, lack of charge, becoming lost or stolen. We offer charging stations that support multiple, varied devices, that not only store them with maximum protection, but can also easily charge them safely without the need for mass wires and hazards.

Additionally, our desktop and wall solutions are a neat way to present a device for customer use without it being an eye-sore. The range of mounts and stands are designed for convenience and able to maximise the point of sale experience. For protection and security of devices we also have a range of device cases and accessories. These can also be created to restrict the level of access and buttons available for users if necessary.

Alongside our products we specialise in working on bespoke briefs to cater for businesses needs. If you have a specific requirement please do get in touch, we’d be happy to discuss how we can help.