At Parotec, we offer a range of industries bespoke IT and technology solutions that help companies protect, charge, sync and present the equipment essential to their business. We have created bespoke solutions for clients as far away as Shanghai, Australia, the USA, Dubai and Singapore as well as Europe.

We work closely with you to understand your business’s requirements and help you to compare the products that are best suited to you. We’ll chat with you about our extended range of solutions and either customise your chosen base product to work perfectly with your business practices, or create you a product entirely from scratch.

Let us know your problem, and we’ll solve it.

We’ve helped a range of industries, including:

  • Hospitality – Bars and Restaurants
  • Leisure
  • Stadia
  • Museums
  • Hotels
  • Retail
  • Transport
  • Banking
  • Emergency Services and Military

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Our Technology Solutions

We offer plenty of products to support the use of technology in business, including iPad casesdevice holders and mountscharging cartsportable charging cases and charging stations. Our expertise however, lies with our abilities to customise these products to suit your business, your technology usage and capacities.

We take our high quality products and elevate them, adding on or removing elements to ensure that the product works for you. We can even design something completely bespoke if none of our existing products match your requirements.

This can be as simple as adding hand straps to iPads for hospitality staff to use or as complex as creating a portable, branded charging case with multiple usb ports and security locks.

Custom engineering services

Through a large range of custom engineering services, we can make your technology safer, easier to use, more accessible to customers and well-branded,  creating an all-round, fully bespoke IT and tech solution.

Our Process

Seen a product you’re interested in on our site or have a product in mind? Or perhaps you are looking to invest in the latest technology but aren’t sure how you will charge, store and protect it? Give us a call and we’ll start the process of creating the right product for you.

We will:

  1. Establish your needs  We can discuss budgets, allowing us to show you what you could add to your product to increase security, efficiency and accessibility, for example. We’ll figure out what your priorities are to best understand what product could be adapted to fit your needs.
  1. Build an initial design brief  We can create an initial design based on what you want to achieve from what we supply. Through chatting with our team, you may discover other elements that you require, such as adding auto-docking features to a charging cart or hand/carry straps to your devices.
  1. Fully design and test your bespoke solution  We’ll build out the chosen idea, creating a prototype that we can fully test to ensure that it meets our high standards and suits your requirements. We’ll trial your product and allow you to test them – some of our customers have tested their prototypes and found that they wanted to expand on them.

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Our Projects

We’ve worked with a large range of businesses looking to optimise their technology solutions from storing and charging to syncing and presenting.

Large hospitality chain

We created a bespoke iPad charging station for hospitality staff to utilise EPoS systems and for customers to have access to an ‘order and pay app’ via the tablet. After the client trialled the prototype, they realised that they would benefit from adding extra usb ports on the outside of the station to allow bar staff to charge their handsets with ease. We worked out a plan and created a perfectly bespoke product that they rolled out across the chain. 

Large Stadium Tours

We created 2 charging carts for a stadium and their tour guide staff, allowing over 250 android phones to be easily stored and simultaneously charged when not in use. We also discussed how we could help with data protection and after a few designs, we implemented technology that allowed the data on the phones to be wiped in the dock before the next tour commenced and a new set of visitors used them.

Large Hotel Group We provided a large chain of hotels with iPod charging stations for housekeeping staff to use, allowing easy and simple charging solutions whilst also maintaining security of their devices in storage.

We’ve worked with many other well-respected brands and continue to work on custom IT projects for a range of industries, including building solutions for a large high-street bank, a leading car manufacturer and working on many projects for the Military around the world.

How Parotec can help

The team at Parotec wants to work with you to find out what your business or organisation actually needs. We offer a large selection of products but, through a simple consultation, we can find out how we can build an effective solution to your IT and technology requirements through enhancing and adapting our existing equipment. 

If you want to know what could be possible when it comes to utilising technology in the workplace, we can help. We encourage you to get in touch and have a chat with our expert team about how we can build you the perfect solution.

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