What is 5s Foam and Why is it Useful?

By James Betts 

5s foam is becoming more and more popular due to its versatile nature and usefulness in organisation, safety and efficiency.

At Parotec Solutions, we can provide the perfect custom 5s shadow foam for your business. No matter what industry you’re in, we can find the right solution for you.

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What is 5s foam?

5s foam is a type of shadow foam made of up different coloured layers that can be cut into any specific size or shape.

It is an extremely effective and efficient storage solution, making it much easier to see which tools or pieces of equipment you have missing from your collection.

When 5s is used correctly, your time spent searching for equipment will drastically be reduced.

How does 5s foam work in tool boxes?

To make 5s foam inserts for your tool box, we use precise manufacturing processes to provide customised foam cutting, unique to your tool box.

Our 5s tool foam design system allows us to customise your foam based on images of your tools and desired layout.

During the cutting process, the desired shapes are outlined and the layers are separated to reveal the colour layer beneath, ready for your tools to be stored safely.

Where can 5s foam be used?

5s foam can be used in a variety of different industries due to its versatility and customisable nature.

Whether you require protective storage for aviation cases, photography equipment or even teaching supplies, Parotec Solutions can create the perfect foam sheets to suit your unique needs.

In the aviation industry, safety of no FOD (foreign object damage or debris) material is crucial – 5s foam ensures that no FOD material is left in engines or in dangerous spaces on an aircraft.

One of the most popular options are 5s foam drawer liners and 5s tool box shadow foam organisers, which are specifically designed to neaten up your tool drawer station, allowing you to instantly see which tools are in use or missing.

Using our unique Foam Design System, you don’t even have to leave your place of work to get custom foam made! Simply take pictures of your items and equipment using the sheet we send you, and our CAD team will scan it in and scale your items from there. 

Why 5s foam is useful

5s foam has numerous benefits, all of which could help your business to become more efficient.

  • Safety: 5s foam ensures that no FOD material (such as tools) is left in dangerous spaces when people are working on a large scale, such as on vehicles or aircraft.
  • Equipment security: 5s shadow foam saves companies £1000’s from accidents by simply providing a safe and secure storage space for equipment. Tools can be safely put away after usage, preventing any slips or trips from them being incorrectly stored and minimising loss.
  • Less time searching: Using shadow foam means you can instantly see what is missing or in use from your toolkit. This means you can spend less time hunting for your tools, and more time on the important issues.
  • Saves costs: By storing your equipment in the correct fitting foam inserts, it is less likely to break or become damaged. If you don’t ensure your equipment is fully secure during transportation, there is a higher likelihood they will become damaged and need to be replaced which can be costly.

5s Foam Inserts with Parotec

From customising your own foam inserts to company logo branding and colour-matching, at Parotec, we offer businesses the perfect storage and foam solutions for their valuable equipment.