Top 6 Ways to Organise Valuable Tool Box Equipment

By James Betts 

There isn’t one specific way to organise your tools, as everyone has different methods they like to use to keep their tools in an orderly fashion and safe.

Whether you work from a dedicated space, or travel to job sites, you may be in need of an effective storage solution, or an upgrade to your existing one. At Parotec, we provide specialist organisation and storage solutions to help you tidy up and protect the tools in your toolbox.

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What are the best ways to organise tools?

There are numerous benefits to organising your tools, but it can be difficult to even know where to start when it comes to an organisation system. Listed below are our top six ways to organise your tools.

Create specific zones for different tools

The first step in organising your tools is to do a thorough inventory check. Once you have a general idea of what tools you have, you can start grouping them into categories such as hand tools, electric tools and so on.

You can then move onto creating zones in a cabinet or toolbox for each specific category in order to keep them together in one tidy place. By creating specific zones, it may encourage you to keep your tools tidy and put them back in their correct place. 

Use 5s shadow foam

5s foam is a type of shadow foam that can be cut to snugly fit the shape of any tool. It is an extremely efficient storage system, making it easy to instantly see what tools you are missing from your collection by utilising two-coloured foam.

At Parotec Solutions, we use precise manufacturing processes to provide customised foam cutting, unique to your tool collection. Our foam design system means you can customise your foam based on images of your tools and desired layouts.

Hang miscellaneous tools on the wall

For tools that don’t fit into a toolbox, or aren’t used so often that they don’t need to be in a tool box, you could hang them on your walls to keep your workspace clear. Tools that are hidden away in boxes can be forgotten about or misplaced, so the more you can visually see at a quick glance, the better.

You could use pegboards to hang your tools, or vertical strips and anchor hooks too. These pegboards are often called Shadow Boards and, at Parotec Solutions, we can create these highly effective storage solutions for you – just get in touch and we can discuss a design! 

Number engraving on tools

Tools can be engraved with specific letters, numbers or words for easy identification. This means you can easily see when a tool is missing from your collection, and potentially ask others of the whereabouts of a specific tool using the model or part number.

Find out more about laser cutting and engraving services.

Keep loose screws and bolts in clear storage containers

If you’re the type of worker to keep every spare part just in case you need them, it’s a good idea to store them in clear containers, such as glass jars with lids, or small plastic bags. This way, they can be easily thrown into toolkits or work bags, ready for quick identification and use if needed.

If you work from home, consider hanging jars on the wall so they don’t take up countertop space and so you can easily access them.

Branded toolboxes

Parotec can also apply your brand, logos or information to a range of cases using screen printing. This can be particularly helpful if you work in a large team but all have different tool boxes that look the same.

This is also really beneficial for brand identity if there are visiting customers on site or being sent products to their home.

You could have your name or a number screen-printed onto your case for quick and easy identification, especially when you may have a few team members working on the same project.

Tool control with Parotec Solutions

From custom toolboxes to 5s foam, at Parotec Solutions, we can provide the perfect tool control solution for you.We offer fully customisable storage solutions, vital for keeping your business running efficiently and effectively.

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