How to choose the right drone case or backpack for all models

By James Betts 

In recent years drone technology has rapidly ‘taken to the clouds’ with the development of devices, and their usage, increasing across the world. With technology advancements, both commercial and domestic drone use has become more common. And, it seems drones and quadcopters are here to stay, as they continue to evolve for a wide range of uses across industries and countries. Whether aerial photography or videography is a hobby, used for music videos, to transport or supply essentials, building safety inspections or insurance information gathering, their use and benefits are expanding.As we become digital savvy and seek digital transformations, investment in drones appears to be high with recognition as valuable, powerful devices. So like any investment, personal and professional, how do you protect it? Whilst many smaller drones on the market are increasingly affordable, their size and quality is extremely varied, which can see professional drones become expensive items. Protecting your equipment with a durable drone case, backpack or carry case will not only keep your drone safe but should assist the careful handling and transportation of it too. Many drones or quadcopter manufacturers will suggest a drone case for you directly at the checkout, often preventing you from doing your own research and thinking before purchasing. This is great to protect and store your device from the get go but they don’t always support the practicalities of easy use and security you could be longing for. So you begin your search, scouring the internet for recommendations, video tutorials and advice from others in similar situations to you. Whilst there’s many excellent suppliers and websites, it can quickly become overwhelming and again not personal to you and your model of drone to achieve a compact, organised structure. So we’ve kept it reasonably simple, here’s some of the best drone cases for specific drones such as some of the DJI Mavic drones, including the popular DJI Mavic Pro. We’ll also look at things you should consider before purchasing a drone case, and the benefits of custom drone cases.The best drone cases, backpacks and carry casesWe’re proud to be a supplier of B&W drone cases for some of the most popular drones on the market. Here’s our round-up of the best, along with their features.B&W DJI Mavic Pro / Platinum Type 3000 Drone CaseThe Mavic Pro / Platinum Type 3000 case from B&W has exceptional protection for when you are moving and transporting your drone, quadcopter and equipment. The material is of high quality, so you can rest easy knowing that your equipment is in safe hands. See this product here.B&W DJI Mavic Air Type 3000 Drone CaseThis is deemed the best case for your DJI Mavic Air and accessories. It features prefabricated foam inserts to provide sufficient space for your DJI Mavic Air and all the accessories you need such as power bank adapter, USB-adapter, charger, two SD memory cards, up to four spare batteries, cables and remote control. It also has a pocket in the lid to offer additional space for more accessories of your choice. See this product here.HPRC2400 for Mavic 2 Pro / ZoomWith a waterproof hard shell this drone case has been carefully designed to easily transport the DJI Mavic 2 Pro / Zoom. It remains lightweight but resistant, with an ergonomic handle and has the approved size measurements of a carry-on case for airlines.See this product here.Custom drone caseWe can offer bespoke packages of a purpose built drone case and foam, whatever model, quadcopter, or device. We’ll work with you to understand your equipment, needs and usage to create and manufacture a custom drone case based on your requirements. Protecting your drone or quadcopter, as well as all the accessories, equipment and delicate parts has never been easier. If you need further assistance to help you find the most suited solution or custom drone case please contact us today. If you have your own CAD design you can simply send it over to us too and we can provide our expertise to create the drone case of your choice. Things to consider when buying a drone caseAs you’ll be aware drones come in many different shapes and sizes, offering a wide range of features. This is also true for drone cases. Here’s five things to think about before buying a drone case;Your drone shape, size and model – Some drones are relatively small and can be put into cases as a whole device, whilst larger drones may have collapsible components so ensure you know all of the parts you need to protect before purchasing, especially small pieces that may be the most prone to damage. Accessories – What accessories do you need to store, transport or protect alongside the drone itself? Do you need a drone case to do all three, or perhaps you want a drone case for specific accessories only? Consider all of the accessories you need as well as the drone to ensure you don’t waste essential flight time because you don’t have a key piece of equipment. Weight – With a drone, and other accessories your kit could quickly become a burden, so you should consider the weight of carrying all these goods. Therefore, you should think about whether a backpack, carry case or wheely case would be your most suitable drone case option. Material – Following on from the above point, the material of the drone case is also important for maximum protection and resistance against the worse possible outcomes. Do you require waterproof materials? A soft backpack with pockets and storage compartments, or perhaps a solid hard shell with inner foams. Growth – As we have discussed, technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, so perhaps you have more than one drone as you experiment with some of the latest devices to the market? Well, when thinking about your next investment, both a drone and a case, think long term. Does your drone case offer you more than what you need now? Ask yourself what the next 6 months looks like for you, or the next year or even two. Having room to grow and expand on your kit will certainly help to save costs over time. – Putting those extra pennies to the latest drone model! Register your droneIt’s vitally important to make sure you are registered to fly your drone, and always adhere to the guidelines set out by the Civil Aviation Authority. You can find out more here.