iPad charging units, like trolleys, are a safe and secure way to store and charge all of your Apple devices at once. 

These charging trolleys are great for schools, and many educational environments are already reaping the benefits of them. 

What are iPad charging trolleys?

iPad charging trolleys are specifically designed charging environments for multiple iPads. The trolleys contain individual shelves for each iPad, with a short charging cable presented on each shelf for tidy and synchronised charging. 

iPad charging trolleys are compact and portable, making them ideal for schools since they can be moved from classroom to classroom. 

How can you charge iPads in a classroom?

Using iPad charging trolleys, you can charge a whole classroom’s worth of devices in one convenient, safe and synchronised storage unit. 

Instead of having a collection of individual chargers that take up plugs which could be used for other, more important uses, iPad charging trolleys use cable management systems for an organised and tidy charging station. 

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Best charging carts for the education sector

There are a few different types of charging carts and cases which are suitable for the education sector:

Charging cases are a great, smaller alternative to charging trolleys that can easily be stored in classrooms. Charging cases usually fit less devices than trolleys, but they are unobtrusive solutions to charging multiple devices at the same time; perfect for smaller class sizes. 

Charging trolleys are ideal for larger classrooms that may require an iPad for each student. They are larger than charging carts, but still remain unobtrusive due to the tower design. Trolleys are also extremely easy to transport between classrooms, making them ideal to be shared between departments or teachers. 

Charging stations are usually mounted to a wall or desk, and are perfect for classrooms that constantly need to use iPads. Again, thanks to the compact design, charging stations don’t take up much room at all. 

What should you consider before investing in charging solution for schools?

There are a few key features to pay attention to before investing in charging solutions, including:

  • Capacity: How many devices do you need to charge at one time? 
  • Size: How much room do you have in a classroom to fit a charging solution?
  • Budget: How many charging stations would match your budget?
  • Interior cable routing: Do you need units to have specific internal management to keep cables tidy?

Why do schools choose Parotec Solutions?

At Parotec Solutions, we have years of experience finding solutions for all kinds of classrooms, facilitating device workflow and management of iPads, as well as a variety of other devices too. 

Whether your school is deploying 10 or 1,000 tablets, laptops or mobile devices to modernise education, at Parotec, we have the perfect charging solutions bespoke to you.