Parotec T32 BASKET Mobile Cart


Configure 4 tablet storage baskets, which can simultaneously charge 32 tablets for centralised charging.

Fully enclosed anti-theft structure and secure storage thanks to all steel structure. (Steel plate thickness ‚â•1.2mm, surface sprayed.)

The upper compartment is a flat area for the baskets, storage and charging, which is teacher / student contact area. The lower compartment is an area for USB charging. All USB strips are placed under the storage basket, which are single output and overload protection.

Minimise wire clutter by keeping cables secure and tidy inside the cart. The USB power points are located in the bottom of the cart, underneath the baskets, making it easily accessible from the top.

The power management control area is located below the main power line, with a separate key. Integrated power management system: integrated leakage protection, overload protection, time control management, and sequential power supply providing multiple charging management modes (Sequence, timing, cycle mode, etc.)

The T32 Basket Cart also features a stroage draw, measuring 545 x 500 x 160mm.

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