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Parotec 10-Port USB Charging Station 10U24F


Introducing the Parotec 10U24F 10-Port USB Charging Dock Station

The universal charging station can charge up to 10 devices simultaneously.

The compact Parotec 10-Port USB 10U24F replaces up to 10 separate charging stations with just a single device. If required, it simultaneously charges 10 independent devices, even if they are different or the same type of device.

From iOS, Android or Windows based devices the Parotec 10-Port USB 10U24F can provide efficient charging for each device.

The AC input for 100 - 240 watt is compatible worldwide. This way, the Parotec 10-Port USB 10U24F is recommended not only as a versatile traveling companion but is also ideal for tablet classrooms, open-plan offices, museums, hotels and conference rooms. We can provide a range of cables to be used in conjunction with this device, from lightning, Micro-USB and USB Type-C.

With a total of 120W the 10U24F is a powerful yet compact device.

Surge protection on each port - Built-in smart charging chipset provides and determines the charge needed for your device, delivering a steady and safe charge.

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