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iNsync DL10 ‚ iPad and iPad Mini


The iNsync DL10 is a compact iPad and iPad Mini, 10-unit charging and synchronisation solution, that is bundled with 10 MAX Cases Extreme Folio protective cases. It is a cable-free system designed specifically to manage iOS devices. The DL10 also features 6 universal USB ports to the rear which can also facilitate charging and synchronisation.

Insert the iPad with the included case into a slot to charge and sync. The internal PCB board detects the device and begins the syncing process when a host computer is connected to the DL10 with the cable provided.

Thanks to the small footprint, the DL10 fits well in many cabinets and other enclosures. This unit makes a great impression at a reception or other public device distribution area.

Our patented auto docking system allows you to easily slot the iPad into the slot, without having to manually insert the wire into the port. The DL10 must use our supplied case to make sure that the iPads dock perfectly and don't cause damage to the connectors.

The MAX Extreme Folio Cases that are included exhibit a patented design that features a hard outer shell and a soft impact resistant core. Although visually striking, the unique shape of the case also provides structural rigidity while minimizing size and weight.

DL10 Variations:

iNsync DL10 for iPad 5 2018: 10 Bay Auto Dock + 6 Universal Ports
*Includes 10x MAX Cases Extreme Folio protective cases (all colours).

Other model variations are available upon request.

More images of the product: