With the use of chromebooks becoming more and more popular in sectors such as education, it is important that they are stored securely. 

Chromebook charging trolleys and carts act as a great way to both safely store and charge your devices in one convenient place.

What charging solutions are available for Chromebooks?

Chromebooks have a variety of different charging solutions available, including portable trolleys, cases and stations. 

With these charging solutions, you can charge up to 42 devices in one compact and secure space. This means that your Chromebooks will always be charged at the same time, ready to use whenever they are needed. 

Key features of Chromebook charging carts

Some of the key features of Chromebook charging carts include:

  • Compact and unobtrusive design
  • Charging wires are conveniently hidden away via cable management 
  • Chromebooks can be easily stored and secured away
  • Smooth, easy to clean surfaces
  • Ventilation system to keep devices cool

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Can you charge multiple Chromebooks at one time?

Yes, with Chromebook charging trolleys and carts you can easily charge multiple devices simultaneously. 

At Parotec Solutions, we have a range of different sized trolleys that can fit up to 24 devices at one time. This is great for busy environments like classrooms, in which each student requires their own Chromebook. 

What types of charging solutions are there for laptops?

There are three main types of charging solutions available for laptops:

Charging carts

Charging carts are used as charging and storage stations. They come in a variety of sizes, making them ideal for a range of different industries like education and healthcare. 

Portable charging carts are a popular choice for laptops since they can easily be transported, while keeping your devices safe and secured. 

Charging trolleys 

Charging trolleys are similar to charging carts, except they tend to be taller in design.

Trolleys do come in a range of different sizes, but due to the compact design, even the taller models remain unobtrusive. 

Charging stations

Charging stations are a fixed piece of equipment that allow you to charge multiple laptops at once. They tend to be moulded to walls or desks for easy access. 

Although charging stations can’t be moved, they are durable and would benefit a variety of different businesses.