The T24 / T24 Plus Cart allows for 24 devices to be managed, charged, synchronised, stored and protected.

The Tablet PC Trolley accommodates any combination of tablets and e-Readers from brands such as Google Nexus, Toshiba, Microsoft, Kindle, Apple, Acer and many more and in all standard case designs with any integrated power adapter / plug orientation.

(The T24 / T24 Plus is a shiny grey and white cart, images may differ)

The T24 cart comes in two variations:

For 11.6" - 15" Laptops:

The T24 model allows 24 Netbooks, Ultrabooks, notebooks and Chromebooks to be charged using their own proprietary chargers. The inside of the cart is facilitated with plug sockets allowing for any device with a plug adapter to be charged efficiently.

The T24 model features the programmable SMART Timer which allows you to specify the recharging-cycle that the trolley uses, and then can switch off the unit after a certain period of time. This helps to make the unit more energy efficient, and also prolongs the battery life of devices.

For iPad / Tablets:

The T24 Plus model allows 24 for iPad and tablet devices to be charged and synchronised, which is made possible by the sync box installed in the rear of the unit. The cart can facilitate devices that have a rugged case, such as the aXtion Bold range. The sync box allows charging and synchronising. The T24 Plus can also fit the popular Gripcase range.

The T24 cart highlights

  • 24 Bay Laptop/Chromebook Storage
  • Strong but light steel design
  • 5" Wheels with Brakes
  • Cable Management
  • Built-in Ventilation
  • SMART Timer for energy efficient charging (T24 Model Only)

More images of the product: